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Q14 Series

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Justfog Caricabatteria Usb 5-Pin
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Justfog 5-pin charging cable

Justfog 5-pin charging cable for the Justfog Point batteries - Length : 1.2m - The image is for the illustrative purpose only. The product concerned is only the 5-Pin USB Charger.

Justfog resistenza per C14/G14/S14 - 1.6 ohm - 5pz
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Justfog 14 Series head -...

Justfog head - Compatible with: Justfog C14/G14/S14 clearomizer - Resistence: 1.6ohm - Lenght:17mm - Width: 9mm -  Organic Japanese Cotton - Volt: 3.4-4.4V - Watt: 6-12W - 5pcs per pack