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Geekvape Kit degli Strumenti 521 Master Kit V3
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Geekvape Tool Kit 521...

Tool kit Geekvape 521 Master Kit V3 includes all the tool that you need for an advanced coil building. Includes Tap pro, rotatable connector, adjustable position to suit personal preference. Powerful ohm reader designed for enthusiast coil builders. It

Vandy Vape Kit degli strumenti
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Vandy Vape Tool Kit

Vandy Vape Tool Kit. A 7-piece comprehensive kit containing all the essential tools you need. Supplied in a small zipper carry case.

Geekvape Mini Kit degli Strumenti
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Geekvape Mini Tool Kit

Mini Tool kit Geekvape includes the tools for coil building. The coiling DIY lovers will like it because it is tiny and portable, so you can always have the tools with you.

Demon Killer Pinza da taglio
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Demon Killer Cutting Pliers

Demon Killer Multi-Function Cutting Pliers are multifunctional pliers, made for all DIY enthusiast of coil building because it enables cuts close to posts. It is made of 3cr13 steel so it is very resistant.

Advken Zaino Doctor Coil V2
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Advken Bag Doctor Coil V2

The Doctor Coil V2 bag is just what all fans of coil building need. It doesn’t have just many handy pockets for carrying atomizers and boxes, it is also equipped with tools for rebuilding. And furthermore it has a headphones hole. The best way to carry

Vandy Vape Kit degli Stumenti DIY Simple Tool Kit Pro
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Vandyvape DIY Simple Tool...

Vandy Vape DIY Simple Tool Kit Pro is a tool kit for coil building. It includes pliers, tweezers, screwdrivers, hexagon screws, coils and scissors. High quality tools are supplied in a convenient zippered carrying case.

Vandy Vape Pinza Diagonale
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VandyVape Nipper

Vandy Vape Diagonal Tweezers are made of stainless steel and have been made to help you at your DIY projects.

Vandy Vape Forbici pieghevoli
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VandyVape Folding Scissors

The Vandy Vape’s folding scissors are made of excellent stainless steel. They are light and easy to be always at the hand’s reach. They were designed to be used in DIY building.