La Tabaccheria Flavor - Hell's Mixtures Line - 10ml

La Tabaccheria Flavor - Hell's Mixtures Line - 10ml

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La Tabaccheria Aroma Baffometto - Linea Hell's Mixtures - 10ml
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La Tabaccheria Aroma...

Concentrated flavoring La Tabaccheria has created a line named Hell’s Mixtures that is bringing delicious blends of tobacco extracts. The first flavor, Baffometto offers a delicate blend of tobaccos Virginia, Black

La Tabaccheria Aroma N. 759 Mixtures - Linea Hell's Mixtures -
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La Tabaccheria Aroma N. 759...

Concentrated flavoring A tobacco blend that tends to interpret a legendary secret recipe. Even if it cannot be exactly the same, our may even beat it. Try it yourself to decide. – Container: plastic bottle w

La Tabaccheria Aroma Baffometto Reserve - Linea Hell's Mixture
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La Tabaccheria flavor...

Concentrated flavoring The Baffometto Reserve flavor is a blend of sweetish tobaccos in perfect harmony with barrique notes that are slightly bitter of durmast oak wood. – Container: plastic bottle with drop