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Batpack & Eco Series

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Joyetech Batpack con Joye Eco D16 Kit
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Joyetech Batpack with Joye...

The real revolution of the Batpack kit is the fact that it uses the common AA battery cells making it even easier to charge it. The heads that fit are the BFHN 0.5ohm that you can use with high nicotine liquids or with nicotine salts.

Joyetech Eco D16 Atomizzatore
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Joyetech Eco D16 Atomizer

Joye ECO D16 is a small atomizer with a 2ml capacity that mounts BFHN, the perfect coils for high nicotine liquids and for nicotine salt. The atomizer is easy to fill, all you need is to take of the mouthipiece. Two holes on the top part m